Diogo Borges
Born in 1980 in Lisbon. He graduated from ETIC in the area of audiovisual production. He has been working as a camera operator since 2004 and has worked with companies such as SIC, RTP and many other audiovisual production companies. He lived in Abu Dhabi between 2015 and 2017 working for Abu Dhabi Media on various sporting events and entertainment shows. Back in Portugal, he became one of those responsible for promoting the video of Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon. He currently travels the world working for MBC ACTION, covering Formula 1 racing as a camera operator.
He is Co-founder and responsible for the development of video projects at Bairro Up Films with Antonio Buscka. Has worked
  as Director and Director of Photography in two video clips by Gil do Carmo (Fado do Tuk-Tuk and Mundo Inteiro).

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